Partnerships and Collaborations


Running Now What Can I Eat I am sometimes given the opportunity to partner with brands or try products that might be beneficial for me and the Now What Can I Eat community.

Any brands I work with or accept anything from, and promote or highlight on my social channels or sites, are brands I feel may be positive for the community I have built and are often products I already use.

Brands I am working with or have worked with in the past:



This fitness app allows people to work out in the comfort of their own home. The program has classes to follow, on your tv/your phone or laptop from a number of expert trainers. The program provides users with a tracked heart rate monitor which syncs with the app and allows continued monitoring of activity and progress.

I have been given membership to the program and the equipment needed free in exchange for honest feedback on my social channels.

I am also able to off £20 off to those who subscribe with the code

Medically orientated 


Is a place for people with health challenges to overcome the anxiety and fear of feeling like a patient. The healthcare experience makes many people feel alone, confused and powerless. HealthBeMe was created as an environment that gives people the information, the tools and the community they need to feel strong and confident. We call this experience, HumanCare.

HealthBeMe groups individuals together in hives by their condition, meaning support and a sense of community can easily be found. Individuals become Webe’s within hives. I am a WeBe within the Cystic Fibrosis Hive.


YooCan believe that shared experiences and knowledge from around the world can inspire people with disabilities and change their lives, so no one feels alone.

With thousands of yoocan community members making daily connections, finding new friendships and relevant solutions, they are the world’s #1 collaborative community for sharing experiences and knowledge for and by people with disabilities.

Yoocan read my story on the page here, or search thousands of others.


Manomasa – Giveaway of 3 hampers including their brand new dips. Ran on Instagram and across other social channels.

Manomasa had there light bulb moment sat at the bar of a bustling taqueria as they scooped ZESTY, FRESH salsa onto perfectly HOT, crunchy totopos.
There and then, they decided that we would put there masa where there mouth was and bring the colour, flavour and excitement of global street food home. There motto as we dream up each new batch is simple: anything is possible if you add a little SPIRIT

Menier – Giveaway of 5 bundles of Menier chocolate. Ran on Instagram and across other social channels.

For over 200 years Menier have been producing the finest cooking chocolate allowing chefs worldwide to make exquisite cakes and desserts. Their signature Swiss dark cooking chocolate is made from 70% cocoa, perfect for adding to all kinds of baking recipes but the brand also create a milk cooking chocolate and white cooking chocolate for more traditional dessert and cake recipes

Merchant Gourmet – Giveaway of a hamper of pouches. Ran on Instagram

Launched initially in 1995 Merchant Gourmets range of simply cooked and flavoured grain pouches, boxes of dried grains, and our simple ‘just add’ ingredients offer a huge range of convenient options. 

Mallow and Marsh – Giveaway of 3 bags or bars of marshmallows. Ran on Instagram 

Marshmallow made with a lot of love and without any compromise. Handmade in the UK with only natural flavours, whisked to gooey perfection and cut into the tasty treats our customers love.

Riverford Organic – Giveaway of a 3 meal delivery. Ran on Instagram

Riverford are mad about veg – it’s at the core of everything they do. Since 1987 they’ve been growing and offering all sorts of veg, fruit, grass fed organic meat as well as meal boxes and more, fresh from their farm, delivered free to your door.

Emily Crisps – Giveaway of 2 x a months worth of crisps. Ran on Instagram 

Emily Crisps. Bolder, tastier, crunchier fruit and vegetable crisps available in 5 delicious flavours, each 1 of your 5 a day. Emily Crisps is a different kind of snack company. Founded by Emily Wong and Ale Ascani, who’ve travelled the world in search of good food they passionately believe that eating healthier and more conveniently should never involve compromising on taste or accepting yet another heavily processed snack that has been smashed, mashed, extruded or popped.

Dairy UK

Ran a campaign to highlight the benefits of milk in regards to calcium and fat content, encouraging people to drink as part of a healthy diet. I partnered with the brand to post the following Instagram post (26.1.19)

#smallchangebigdifference campaign

Ran a campaign, in association with the London borough of Hounslow, to highlight the small changes you can make in regards to  food waste and spending. I partnered with the brand to post the following Instagram post (20.2.19)


Button and Sprung

A bed company, with a showroom in SW London, selling only their own quality beautiful handmade beds and mattresses, with only 100% natural filling.
After having sleep issues since my transplant thanks to various issues I approached Button and Sprung to see if they might be able to help. The kindly offered me a % discount on the purchase of our new bed in exchange for review of the product on my page. Bed received: Friday 17th Jan, full review to follow


Campaign with Kaspersky lab and The Mix -A campaign to help young people struggling with anxiety and insecurity. Aiming to support young people turn their insecurity into a strength and live a better, happier life. To inspire people to own their future, instead of letting insecurities own you.

Kaspersky Lab, a global cybersecurity company, designed custom t-shirts which will allow everyone to own and wear there insecurities. 100% of t-shirt sales go to charity partner, The Mix. The Mix provide essential support for under 25s on issues from mental health to sexual harassment.


Sunny loan company commissioned a survey into the amount of money people spend per year eating out with the key message that you can cook delicious, cheap and quick meals at home and save this cash. I partnered with this brand to post the following Instagram post (12.1.19)

Gifted products (these may feature on my social media or within recipes but will always be marked as #gifted):